Communications and Marketing Plan

Download: Communications and Marketing Plan (.doc) 

Creative Brief

Download: Creative Brief (.doc)

Creative Brief with web component

Download: Creative Brief incl. web (.doc)

Executional Brief

Download: Executional Brief (.doc)

Video Brief

Download: Video Brief (.doc)

Certificate Templates

Download: Certificates Templates Pack (.zip)


  • Full colour horizontal certificate (.dot)
  • Black & White horizontal certificate (.dot)
  • Full colour vertical certificate (.dot)
  • Black & White vertical certificate (.dot)

Email Signature

Fax Templates

Download: Fax Templates Pack (.zip)


  • Full colour fax template (.dot)
  • Black & White fax template (.dot)

Letterhead Stationery

Download: Letterhead Stationery Pack (.zip)


  • Full colour stationery (.dot)
  • Black & White stationery (.dot)

Memo Templates

Download: Memo Templates Pack (.zip)


  • Full colour memo template (.dot)
  • Black & White memo template (.dot)

Powerpoint Templates

Standard width:

Widescreen version:

Video Intro / Extro

HTML Website Template

Website Header Templates